5th Southeast Asia Gathering - Official Shakai Results

Horng Bor

Horng Bor

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5th Southeast Asia Gathering - Official Shakai Results


Official Results

The 5th Southeast Asia Gathering (year 2022) has successfully concluded with excellent turnout rates from all SEA Kyudo countries and our close East Asia partners, Taiwan and Hong Kong. We have over 70 practitioners participating including 5 from Indonesia which is their first official participation in SEA-level event.

The full list of participants includes: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Team Competition Winners

First Winner & First Runner-Up: Thailand Team 1 & Thailand Team 2 (Siam Kyudo Kai)

Second Runner-Up: Vietnam Team 1 (Hanoi Kyudo Club)

Score tables are as followed:

Individual Category Winners

Category A: Shum Siu Fung (Hong Kong, First Place), Liu Bing Cheng (Taiwan, First Runner-Up), Leong Cheng Fan (Malaysia, Second Runner-Up)
Category B: Adams Numair Nusantara (Indonesia)
Category C: Adrian Sollestre (Philippines)

Category C - Highlights

A clear shot nearing to the center of the mato leads Adrian Sollestre (Philippines) to becoming the clear winner of Category C.

Category B - Highlights

The most exciting Category happens to be B whereby the hits were within millimeters difference to the mato. With just a hairline edge (first picture from left), Numair from Indonesia has managed to secure his first winning in his debut Shakai.

Category A - Highlights

Shum Siu Fung (Hong Kong) managed to attain a hit very near to the center of the Mato (center picture), hence, winning a first place on behalf of Hong Kong for Category A. The left picture is from Malaysia practitioner whereas the right is from Taiwan practitioner.

Lastly, a special mention to Liu Bing Cheng (Taiwan) for being the only practitioner in the this Shakai to attain Kaichuu, hitting all 5 times.

With that, we have concluded the end of the Southeast Asia Gathering results report. Please stay tuned to this website for more in-depth articles regarding this event. More stories and pictures will be shared in the next few weeks.